Instructor Lucinda Caughey talks about computer security issues

Posted on Fri, 07/01/2011 - 16:50 by csadmin

UIS instructor Lucinda Caughey was interviewed recently by the State Journal Register to discuss the recent events which have occured concerning the security breaches perpetrated by Anonymous and LulzSec in this June 25th article:

A couple of the more recent attacks have been much more worrisome, such as the recent breach in Iran’s nuclear computer system.

“It’s looking like in some of these, they would have to have had someone inside helping them,” Caughey said.

Are the hackers simply a step ahead of known computer security methods?

“Existing security, when implemented correctly, is sufficient,” she said, comparing computer security designers and hackers to “good Jedi and bad Jedi,” a constant battle between good and evil.

“When a flaw is found, the black hats try to exploit it and the white hats try to protect it,” she said.

Caughey said we’ve also seen an increase in reports of foreign hacking that comes from countries such as China, Romania and Korea that don’t have laws to pick up the hackers even if they are known.

Caughey said UIS computer science teachers keep their students apprised of the latest developments in both hacking and computer security.

”It’s what our kids are going to face when they go out in the corporate world,” she said.


Read the entire article online at the State Journal Register website: