General Meeting (October 4th, 2011) Notes

Posted on Tue, 10/11/2011 - 17:13 by csadmin

Sorry for the delay, with it being pre-midterms week and preparation for the ACM everything has been a little hectic.

The notes for the October 4th meeting are as follows:

The meeting was started at 4:30.

In attendance were 12 people, 4 of which joined us virtually via the videocast.

The key part of the meeting was the review of the proposed new constitution.
Computer Science Club Constitution_v3.2.doc
Computer Science Club ConstitutionRiders_v3.2.doc

The reasons necessitating the need for a new constitution were outlined:

  1. The current constitution did not model the actual functioning of the club
  2. The officer positions outline in the existing constitution did not match the functional roles of the officers
  3. The new constitution would provide a distributed model of functionality, where by committees assigned to major functions of the club would be allowed to handle those matters directly, with oversight by the executive board rather than managed directly by them
  4. The formation of committees and a board of directors, in addition to the executive leadership provides greater flexibility of the club and greater opportunity for involvement at all levels of the organization.
  5. This structure also provides increased accountability at all levels
  6. Formalization of what it means to be a member was made. Now to be a member a student must be active on at least 2 standing committees.
  7. The new constitution also includes transition of leadership instructions, which were not previously outlined.

The major section of the new constitution were reviewed and opportunities to ask questions were made. There were no major questions.

The constitution riders were reviewed and opportunities to ask questions were made. There were not major questions.
Riders were two part:
1. The conversion of the existing officer titles to the new officers
2. The formation of the core standing committees
    – Education and Community Outreach
     – Entertainment and Gaming
     – Web Content and Management
     – Research and Development
     – Marketing and Public Relations
     – Contest Management and Coordination

A vote was held and the new constitution was adopted with majority vote.

At this point the officers outlined their goals for the semester:
     – To involve the online students more
     – To host more events
     – To run a successful ACM
     – To reach #1 on Google for “Computer Science Club”
     – To update the About and Contact page on website
     – To increase general awareness of the Club on campus

This concluded the formal meeting.


Since this time I have been working on follow up to a few things.

1. Those interested in membership have been emailing me their committees of interest
2. I have been working to track down a memory leak on the server which has caused it to lock up a few times.
3. I have been working with Student Life on a few possible funding raising opportunities which have presented themselves
4. I have also contacted BigMarker, our meeting hosting site, to see if they had input regarding the dropped audio some experienced during the meeting. They said they are aware of this issue and that it will be addressed in their next release.
5. Justin has been looking into the possibility of needing more RAM for the game server.

In addition the Exec board has held their first meeting since the adoption of the new constitution.
At this meeting we reviewed the progress of the ACM planning and discussed what meeting times would be preferred.
It was decided that the first general meeting of the month would be held on Wednesday at 4:30, and the second meeting of the month would be held on Friday at 1pm. All meetings will be videocast, and rooms will be announced once they have been booked.