Protect Net Neutrality and Help Stop Protect-IP

Posted on Wed, 11/16/2011 - 17:19 by csadmin

What happened to our logo you might ask?
It has been censored to raise awareness of Net Neutrality and Protect-IP legislation.

Since it’s creation the Internet has been a medium for the unrestricted sharing of ideas. This freedom has been what has allowed it to grow as it has to be added to by large corporations as well as individuals, and to help proprietary development as well as open-source and create commons development.

Now that freedom, that openness, is at risk. Companies are lobbying to pass bills which would collectively allow them to censor the content you can view and create as well as charge you more for it. Protect-IP would allow companies to have specific sites blocked outright. The loss of Net Neutrality would would allow them to have different content receive priority based upon corporate deals and connections not user demand. These bills would not have the copy-right protecting effect that they are intended to, but would alter the development of the Internet and the way we share and create content online.

Help join us in protecting the free and open internet we have come to know and love.
Go here: to automatically send a letter to your representatives!

Visit and to add your voice to the opposition of this creativity crippling legislation.

For more details watch the following two clips, which explain things a little more.

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