Mini Hackathon: October 24-25th

Posted on Mon, 10/19/2015 - 23:25 by csadmin

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At Stars Lounge

The CS club is hosting a 24-hour Hack this weekend! Saturday, Oct 24 at noon until Sunday, Oct 25 at noon in the STARS Lounge.

We have several students interested in competing at Northwestern University’s WildHack 2015 on November 21-22 ( so we will be hosting this mini-Hack to give everyone a chance to experience a Hack. We hope to send at least two teams to WildHack 2015.

Several project groups will be there:

  • Hardware Hacks: Arduino-based Laser light show, Haptic Arcade Robot drive station
  • Software Hacks: Top-Coder, Unity Game programming, Ludum Dare 34
  • Python Crash-course
  • Light Painting

OR, if you have a project you’d just like to work on, feel free to bring your machine and recruit some friends to help!

Do you need experience? – NO! We are there to help you find a Hack you love and learn something new.

STARS Lounge will be open for food and beverage purchases and the club will be providing Pizza and Donuts for participants. Have a Question? Email Lucinda: