General Meeting (March 24, 2017) Notes

Posted on Sun, 03/26/2017 - 11:33 by csadmin

As we all know our club has been inactive from past few months, it was about time we planned out for the year of 2017. The general meeting held on March 24th introduced major changes in the computer science club. Austin Bransky, the newly appointed president of the club, discussed about various areas where our club can improve and provide a more engaging community to the students of UIS.

The computer science club has a number of supportive positions open through which students can contribute to the community.

  1. Public Relations - A social position that requires communicating with the students on behalf of the club. A person who can work closely with the officers, event organizers and faculty to promote upcoming events and plan out the social media campaigns for the club.
  2. Accounting - A position that requires skills to organize financial information of the club and work closely with the treasurer of the society.
  3. Graphic Designer - A position that requires creative skills to help design posters, T-shirts, digital artwork, etc. for the upcoming events.
  4. Publisher/Writer - This position is for someone who is interested in writing articles, news updates, manage social media, and content for the club website.

In the meeting, we discussed about number of events that we could have in the future. We are planning on organizing workshops that will help the UIS students in the field of computer science and electronics. We are also planning to organize hackathons where students will come together in teams and develop software projects. The hackathon could be for charity or just to provide a business solution to a local business. Under new leadership, the computer science club is committed in providing an engaging environment to the UIS students. The club has already laid out a plan of weekly meetups for students interested in learning about cyber security and competitions related to cyber security.  You can visit UIS Connection events to checkout the schedule of the weekly meetups. There are a number of programming competitions, like ACM being planned out as well. Also, a number of fundraising events were talked about.  Events like, “Pie with prize”, selling T-shirts during the student orientation program, organizing trivia nights and an overwatch tournament, are few of the ideas that were discussed upon during the meeting.

This time we made the meeting accessible for the online students of UIS as well. Two of the online students, have already taken up the responsibility to revamp the computer science club website. Be sure to keep a check on website for latest updates. The next meeting will be held on April 21st, 2017. Make sure to RSVP on UIS Connection