csclubstrap - custom theme for our new drupal site

Posted on Fri, 05/12/2017 - 13:28 by csadmin

CSclubstrap Theme

A drupal 8 bootstrap based theme for the computer science club.


  • Refer the documentation for bootstrap LESS drupal project.
  • Read up on how to use the Less CSS pre-processor and less compiler.
  • Download the latest bootstrap less source code
  • In your drupal installation, cd into themes directory.
  • Then, git clone
  • Also download and extract the base theme into themes directory.
  • Extract bootstrap-x.x folder (downloaded in step 3) into the root of this theme and rename it to "bootstrap".
  • Before enabling the theme, you need to get few modules.
  • You need to cd into modules directory of your drupal installation, then git clone custom. It will clone all the modules present in the custom-modules repository into the custom folder.
  • You also need to get twitter block and extract it in modules directory.
  • Install modules first and then install (& enable) the theme so that it places the blocks automatically.
  • Enable the twig debugger in drupal.

Report issues

  • If you find any bugs with the theme, submit a pull request or create an issue on github. We follow forking-workflow.