Computer Science Club Volunteer Event

Posted on Tue, 02/20/2018 - 12:10 by abran4

Last Saturday(February 17th), the Computer Science Club at UIS partnered up with the LLCC Computer Science Club for a volunteer event at the local Computer Banc. The Computer Banc is a non-profit United Way member agency that aims to provide both charitable organizations and at risk families with an affordable and reliable source of computers. You can find more information such as volunteer hours here.


In total there were 4 club members who volunteered Dominic Miraldi, Jack Pocklington, Peter Schmidt, Austin Bransky, and 3 UIS Faculty members, Brian Rogers, Lucinda Caughey and Josh Smith. These club members and faculty, along with the LLCC CS Club came together to help evaluate, organize, and inventory various technology that was donated to the Computer Banc. It is important to note that the Computer Banc is moving locations and thus has been expanding their volunteer hours as the sheer amount of work that is involved with moving is staggering. With that in mind, even though we just had some students recently volunteer I strongly recommend anyone who may have some free time to consider stopping by an helping out when they can, as the mission and goal of Computer Banc is one that I personally believe is worth investing time in.

As a Club President I can really say I am proud of the work we did that day, and look forward to not only many successful volunteer events, but also more collaboration between the Lincoln Land CS Club and the UIS CS Club.