About Us

Computer Science Club at UIS is a student organization dedicated to providing University of Illinois, Springfield students with an opportunity to grow in the field of computer science and information security. We organize peer learning activities, programming events, cyber security and awareness events, tech talks, game nights and student project groups.


Meet the team

Computer Science Club is run by experienced and dedicated volunteers who work hard to bring quality events which provide great learning and social experience for students at UIS.

Faculty Advisors

Brian-Thomas Rogers

Office Address : UHB 3107 MS, UHB 3100

Josh Smith

Lucinda Caughey


Austin Bransky (President)

Peter Schmidt (Treasurer)

Steve Berryman (Chief of Cyber Security)

Evan Berry (Chief of General Events)

James "JR" Gomoll (Chief of Computer Science)


Neha Sharma

Web Developers & Designers

Pablo Delgado

Emma Cuitino

and over 100+ members who contribute to the club in some way or the other. You can find the complete list of members on UIS Connect.



If you are interested in contributing to our club, contact abran4@uis.edu